Scene Gym sessions provide a collaborative, supportive space within which talent can be nurtured.

Feedback shared within the session should be thoughtful, sensitive and constructive.

Below is a selection of testimonials from previous participants.

‘Scene Gym was a perfect way to start a Monday morning. We had such a great time workshopping the piece and it was good to get to know other artists during the morning. It’s definitely a great way to flex those creative muscles and try out new approaches to text within a really friendly, supportive environment.’

Lucy Curtis, Director

‘Taking part in Scene Gym allowed me as a writer to create connections and begin collaborations with actors and directors. It allowed me to see my work and hear feedback from my peers which will no doubt help me further develop the piece. Everyone involved in Scene Gym was lovely and lively and encouraging. I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.’

James McDermott, Writer

‘I had a wonderful experience at Scene Gym. I was paired with a brilliant writer and fantastic actors, and worked on a project that I am now taking forward to a full production with the Rose Theatre Kingston. I owe Scene Gym a lot, and am very grateful for the creative, safe space they created, which enabled a really productive environment for playing with ideas.’

Fay Lomas, Director

‘A wonderful opportunity to give my play a solid workout with dedicated actors, directors and fantastic work from Julia curating Scene Gym. It’s a new vital platform,  for developing new talent and a necessary resource in in an industry focused on product, where more emphasis needs to be on process and naturing of the craft. Keep it up team! We need you!’

Kamal Kaan, Writer

‘The support on the day was outstanding and professional. I came wanting to know if a scene worked. The scene was improved, thanks to the high calibre of Director & Actors provided. I also left with a major plot/storyline that has transformed my play.’

Cassandra Isaac, Writer

‘The whole ethos of Scene Gym is fantastic. It provides a safe environment for actors, writers and directors, to experiment judgment-free, something very unusual for the industry.’

Blanche Anderson, Actress

‘Last Thursday, I attended the inaugural session of Scene Gym at the Old Vic Workrooms, I was working on a play called The Club by Jim Mannering. It was a fantastic scene, which had so much potential. The director’s ideas and suggestions, coupled with the other actors openness made the whole thing incredibly productive and good fun!’

William Baylis, Actor

‘The the session felt really promising and exciting as we were creating new work while sharing our skills and experience. I met people not through awkward and forced socialising but by talking in the language we all shared, theatre.’

Alexander Raptotasios, Director

‘The casting and attachment of the director were both done with care, when the cast are so good and so appropriate and the director so well attuned to the themes and style if the piece it makes the session invaluable. Julia and the team obviously worked hard on the preparations and that means so much to the writer.’

Jim Mannering, Writer