Bringing creative talent together


‘An innovative concept, developed by Julia Parlato.’ (Hackney Citizen)


At Scene Gym, we bring actors, writers, directors and theatre makers together.

We provide the platform and space for you to develop your talent and expand your network.

Scene Gym is an original concept and registered Trademark, devised by Julia Parlato and launched in 2016.


Scene Gym unites creatives in an immersive, innovative way at the early stages of the development process, to initiate future collaborations and develop new and exciting networks.

By joining Scene Gym, you will not only have the chance to flex your creative muscles, but also to be part of a diverse and inspiring community who meet on a regular basis for workshops and themed events, with the ultimate goal of launching new productions.




Workshops: Our workshops have a practical focus and offer members a supportive environment within which to take risks, experiment with ideas and hone their skills. Under the guidance of a director, actors workshop scenes from new plays with writers present, allowing the organic shaping of the playwrighting process, through rehearsal and live feedback.


Themed Events : Our regular themed meetups offer creatives across the industry a chance to network in a relaxed atmosphere, meet new collaborators and brainstorm ideas.


Research and Development: Our R&D Projects offer select writers a full-time immersive opportunity to work with directors and actors and take their plays to the next level.