Scene Gym Shorts

Arcola Theatre, July 2018

Scene Gym Shorts unites an eclectic group of actors, directors and writers, showcasing vibrant new voices.

The very first Scene Gym Shorts took place at the Arcola Theatre on 15th July 2018.

Five new short plays were performed, all receiving a great response from press, industry and the audience who attended.


‘For theatre-goers, Scene Gym Shorts was an opportunity to see a crop of fresh new ideas.’ (Hackney Citizen)
‘With hardly any set and casts of no more than five, these short, taut plays relied on dialogue to do their work, and result was a number of visceral performances.’ (Hackney Citizen)
‘A really slick, satisfying night of shorts. An eclectic mix of plays, brilliantly cast and exciting group of writers to watch out for.’ (Nick Oliver, Pint-Sized)


The Short Plays


Never Have I Ever by Caitlin Abra Middleton directed by Rachel Heyburn

Five women find themselves spending the night at a police station, when a harmless drinking game between friends gets out of hand.


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Debris by Joe James Stu directed by Quentin Beroud

When an uninvited guest makes the most unconventional of appearances in Vincent’s studio flat one afternoon, his suburban existence is irrevocably thrown in to question.


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Lovesick by James McDermott directed by Roman Pedro Berry

A gritty, funny, moving take on dating in the digital age. Will the technology that brought Manny and his boyfriend together only tear them apart?


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Class mates by Micah Smith directed by Or Benezra-Segal

A satirical exploration of childhood friendships and adult relationships that have survived the test of time. Well, almost.


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Out of the Dark by Suzy Gill directed by Fay Lomas

A Drama in Spoken Word piece about the loss, guilt and shame a couple experience when their baby daughter is diagnosed with epilepsy and special needs, but most of all about the courage, hope and love that shines through.


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