Our Workshops


The Workshops

Actors can get their teeth into a character and stage a scene with the support of both a writer and  a director, before playing the scene back to the group.

Directors have the opportunity to collaborate with a writer and group of actors to workshop a specific scene through their choice of exercises and techniques.

Writers see plays they have in development brought to life before them.


The Process

Scene Gym workshops offer creatives a chance to collaboratively rehearse scenes from plays in development.  Over the last few years, they have been a great way for creatives to meet and network organically and have led to some wonderful future collaborations.

Writers with scripts in development submit a scene or two that they would like to see performed in a gym session. Scenes should be 2-4 handers, around 15-20 minutes in length from completed plays or plays in development.

The Scene Gym team then reads through submissions and selects scenes for the next session. We match up scripts with actors and directors and share these with participants several days before the session, so that everyone may begin their own preparations. Usually 3-4 scripts are workshopped per session.

At the session, each Scene Gym director workshops a specific scene with a group of Scene Gym actors. Our writers observe and participate in this process and sometimes like to come with a particular question about their scene that they would like to explore.

At the end of the session, there is a performance/play-back of each scene to all participants, followed by a short discussion/feedback session.

Scene Gym sessions provide a supportive space within which talent can be nurtured. Feedback shared within the session should be thoughtful, sensitive and constructive.



Getting Involved

If you would like to participate in Scene Gym, or to find out more about us, please email Apply to Join the Scene Gym Community.

Actors: Please include a link to your spotlight page or link to Showreel and CV. We require showreels to facilitate casting.

Directors: Please include a short biography and CV.

Please include a scene (15-20 mins max) and a short biography and CV. If sending the whole play, please flag up which scene(s) you think would benefit most from a workshop. Ideally we are looking to workshop scenes from completed plays that lend themselves to the theatre space, rather than film scripts.

By joining the scene gym community, you will become part of our network of Scene Gym creatives and we will be in touch when suitable roles come up for you in one of our sessions.

Sessions are held 3-4 times a year.