How It Works

Writers with scripts in development submit a scene or two that they would like to see performed in a gym session. Scenes should be 2-4 handers, around 10 minutes in length from completed plays or plays in development.

The Scene Gym team then works hard to read through all submissions and select scenes for the next session. We match up scripts with actors and directors and share these with participants several days before the session, so that everyone may begin their own preparations. Usually 3-4 scripts are workshopped per session.

At the session, each Scene Gym director workshops a specific scene with a group of Scene Gym actors. Our writers observe and participate in this process and sometimes like to come with a particular question about their scene that they would like to explore.

At the end of the session, there is a performance/play-back of each scene to all participants, followed by a short discussion/feedback session.

Gym sessions provide a collaborative, supportive space within which talent can be nurtured. Feedback shared within the session should be thoughtful, sensitive and constructive.

Twice a year, there will an opportunity for a selection of scenes to be staged in front of an audience.