When their mum passes away, Liam and Steph are forced to revisit the past – and their fractured relationship – as they make one last visit to their family home.

Seasalter Road
explores the harsh reality of clearing out a loved one’s home after they pass away. It’s a process that allows children the chance to reconnect with their parents, learn more about them through their possessions – the treasured items, photos and curiosities that define a lifetime – finally say goodbye and (hopefully) achieve some much-needed closure. It’s also relentless and sometimes unbearable to face.

For Steph and Liam, it’s further complicated by their estrangement – the result of years of distance and indifference, rather than any particular fallout. But in coming together to clear out their mum’s home, they are forced to spend more time together than they have in years. By degrees, they overcome their separation by facing this difficult task together.

Directed and Edited by: Will Kenning
Written by Julia Parlato and Mark Rush
Produced by Julia Parlato, Mark Rush and Will Kenning
Director of Photography: Chris Dodds
Original Music by Luke Coltman
1st AC: Jonny Iseli
Gaffer: Matthias Djan
Sound Recordist: Tom Fisher
Runner: Arthur Monksfield
Colourist: Matt Turner
Colour Producer: Ollie Ireland
Sound Mix: Tom Fisher
Online Post Production: Absolute Post
Poster Design: Daniel Anscombe


Liam: Mark Rush
Steph: Julia Parlato
Mum: Monica Parlato
Neighbour: Will Kenning
Woman on TV: Rosie Akerman

Dedicated to Neil Douglas Scott Piercy

A JR Pictures and Scene Gym co-production.